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Establishes the most professional brand of Pongee supplier in Vietnam.

Vietnam Tenglong Textile Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 and is a 100% Hong Kong-invested enterprise. The factory is located in Thanh Thanh Cong Industrial Park, Trang Bang County, Tay Ninh Province, Vietnam. Tenglong Textile is producing professionally in Vietnam: Pongee, Four-way Stretch Fabric, Peach Skin, Taffeta, Bile cloth, Oxford cloth and other polyester-based chemical fiber fabrics, etc. The factory is running a complete ERP production management system, the ERP system is used for intelligent management to control the whole production process effectively, so as to ensure the stable product quality and improve the production efficiency. The product quality conforms to European and American national standards, and the Certificate of Vietnam Origin can be provided.


Our products can be used for: jackets, cotton clothes, down jackets, skin coats, outdoor jackets, beach pants, tents, sleeping bags, suitcases, travel bags and other fabrics, etc.

Our Advantages  
————————————  我们的优势   ————————————
Quality First, Customer First

Advanced equipment

High quality fabric

Fifteen years experience management team

Intimate customer service
Efficient management system
Ho Chi Minh Showroom
Tenglong Textile currently has a showroom in Tan Thuan Industrial Zone, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, collecting more than 1,000 kinds of fabric samples.

Providing customers with the most convenient and intuitive services for color matching.

Ho Chi Minh
Nylon and polyester are two synthetic fibers, while polyester taffeta is a fabric woven from polyester.
Nylon is the first synthetic fiber to appear in the world, and it is also a term for polyamide f
The advantages of Four-Way Stretch Fabric:
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What is Peach Skin
Peach Skin velvet, also known as peach skin cloth, is an imitation leather fabric developed after artificial suede products. The surface of the fabric is covered with a strange shor
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